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  • Estate Planning
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Probate Law
  • Probate Guardianships
  • Probate Conservatorships

Our Approach

At Law Firm, we specialize in bringing the law to your corner. We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them.

A Team in Your Corner

Every morning, our legal team has a meeting to discuss our cases. This means that no matter who you go with in our firm, the expertise of the whole team weighs in on your case. 

Legacy of Success

Law Firm has been working together for almost a whole year(s) (this is stock text and I find it quite humorous) and has a proven track record of success. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need. Check out our success stories, and then schedule your free phone consultation today.

Our Team (definitely a "me" in this team)

Oliver A. Greenwood, Lawyer and Decent Person


Hello, My name is Oliver Greenwood, and I am the owner of the Law Offices of Oliver Greenwood. (Hi Oliver).

I am an attorney and I might be able to help you.

A little bit about me:  I grew up in Andrews, Texas and moved to the Bay Area in 1988.  Shortly after high school I joined the United States Marine Corps and served as a machine-gunner from 1991 until 1995.  I visited such exotic destinations as Panama, Singapore, Somalia and the Persian Gulf.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California at Berkeley. 

I received my Law Degree from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California in 2004. 

Throughout the time I was attending College and Law School , I made a living as a Magician, performing all over the State of California for children's parties and for adult and corporate events.

My law practice primarily focuses on Probate related matters, which includes Conservatorships, Limited Conservatorships, Guardianships, Special Needs Trusts and Elder Financial Abuse. 

I previously assisted the Court with its Guardianship clinic and I am frequently referred Court appointed cases in both Guardianships and Conservatorships.  I am a member of the Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee as well as an author in the CEB publications, California Guardianship Practice 2019, California Conservatorship Practice 2018, and Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives 2018.  

Father, husband, magician, warrior, and attorney at law.  


telephone:   925-957-1030